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Monday, February 23rd, 2009
Autocad Design

Autocad Design

Cutting Steel

Cutting Steel

    One area of our sign supplies business we are very proud of is the fact that we make 95% of our work in house.  We can assist in the design of a project, or recommend an easier way something can be made – so it will be more simple to install for the fitters.  All of our sign systems, whilst modular, can often be tailor made to meet your designs.


If you would like to visit our factory and showroom, please contact us and you will be more than welcome. Alternatively if you have an enquiry for one of your customers and we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales office.

Interview with…….John Cosham

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Every month we are hoping to interview leading lights from the sign industry, this month we are talking to John Cosham from Jantick 

 John Cosham of Jantick

Did you know?

John was born in the 1950′s to a Doctor and Company Director, he trained as an engineer at Reading University. At 25 he started his illustrious career in the Sign supply industry with Duramark Safety selling safety signs and then onto vehicle graphics and sign faces. He then moved to Rennicks starting the vinyl supply  for the traffic market.

John then moved to Signfix where he moved from Sales Manager to Sales Director looking after both the commercial and Traffic divisions. In 2000 John formed Jantick which specialises in supplying the commercial sign market with various products. 

 Known for his affable nature and extensive contacts throughout the industry Jantick  offer a wayfinding and consultancy service second to none. Working with a network of companies and individuals Jantick have now completed over 20 University projects throughout the UK.

John specifies Signscapes Fingerpost, Noticeboards and Column Plates, together with other products from the Signscpape range for some of his projects.

When asked why John is still enjoying his career in the sign industry he commented “The sign industry continues to evolve and diversify into new areas and is forever changing”  




Lynester Noticeboards

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Sign Making Supplies Product Profile: Noticeboards
We’re really proud of our Lynester Noticeboards and have just launched our new standard price list. This is aimed at our customers that require a fast turnaround. For years we have been making bespoke units, but have now decided to hold a selection of the most popular sizes. We shall always supply bespoke units, but did you know we can supply units in the following different formats:


  • 50, 95 and 150mm deep
  • Wall or Post Mounted
  • Can be reverse fitted channel or rails to fit to existing posts
  • Ornate Posts (e.g. Langford style) & embellishments
  • Domed or shaped tops
  • Single or Double-sided
  • Multiple door options
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Top or back illuminated
  • With or without header panels
  • With or without gas struts
  • Aluminium or steel backs (for magnetic purposes)
  • Pin-board, cork, or steel insert backs
  • High impact acrylic sheet fronts
  • Powder Coated, Wet Sprayed and Wood FX
  • Solar Powered version now available (EcoVision) see further write up here

If you would like more information please contact our sales office.

South Bucks style noticeboard

Base reduced

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Sing Making supplies Product profile: BaseDetail of Base 


Someone said to me this morning that we should change our name from Signscape to “the secret sign company” – aaaaggghh! Well we are trying to improve our profile and keeping everyone informed. The difficulty I guess is that there are so many options or ways in which to inform.

We have been adding articles in the blog reasonably regularly. Anyway thanks for your comments Martin – but you can always subscribe to the Blog to keep you updated. The website will be having further work on it in the near future, but the sales office will always be able to help (Sue, Paul, Colin, Mike and me!)

This picture shows our Base unit (the start of my conversation this morning) available in a variety of widths upto 1000mm, off the shelf pretty much and looks great for indoor applications where you have to support a panel. We’ll put some more photos on our flickr gallery, but a price list is available, (we have improved our prices on this) together with a pdf technical data sheet. There will be more on the website shortly about all the KD products we offer….

Keepin’ it clean

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
Maintaining the Oven

Jeremy carrying out maintenance

All of you that have been following our Blog and developments on the website are aware that last year we purchased our neighbour MH Powder Coatings and then moved the plant into the Signscape Factory – something I wrote about back in October last year.

When we took the Powder Coating side on, I probably didn’t look into it sufficiently in terms of maintaining the oven, keeping in clean – to ensure no inclusions in the work. It has definitely cost us time and money (more than we planned for).

We invested in some new kit to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently and now put new day to day procedures in to ensure that everything is as clean as it can be.  Thanks to everyone who has given us advice on this, particularly Jim Kearse – who is a fountain of knowledge on all things painting.  It is great to now be able to offer this service in-house and keep improving our quality and efficiency of our painting. Also a big thank you to Jeremy for all his hard work, research and determination in getting it right!

Mono D Posts

Mono D Posts

This picture shows some of the diversity of colours we do on a weekly basis – sign makers come up with some fantastic colour and graphic schemes and its great we are a part of that.

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