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Kitesurfing Jeremy

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Kitesurfing Jeremy

Congratulations to Jeremy on officially becoming a Kitesurfer.


After having the first part of his lesson earlier this year, plus a few sessions of kite flying and ‘body dragging’, he succeeded in getting up on his board for the first time this weekend.


Now he just needs a good westerly wind (and to sell his windsurfing kit and buy some board shorts), and he’ll be jumping in no time!


Remember Kitesurfing may look like fun, but it can also be dangerous, addictive & can lead to a serious adrenalin rush.


Well done again to Jeremy


First Day Back!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
Mendips 039

Pyramidal Orchids

 It’s my first day back to work after nearly 2 weeks in sunny France.


Feeling refreshed and inspired I thought it might be a good time to start blogging. (Especially as Colin was good enough to keep my desk clear while I was away!)


I thought I would share the fact that I actually looked forward to coming to work this morning. And before you think ‘what a creep’ and delete this, it’s not because I’m a workaholic, or because the work is so much fun, or even because I fancy one of the girls in the office.

It’s because I’m lucky enough to have the Mendips on our doorstep and I get to spend my lunch hour walking up to Dolbury Warren.

Owned by the Woodland Trust and the National trust, this is a beautiful area and if you like walking or mountain biking you should check it out.


Even though I had a great holiday, walking, cycling, kitesurfing, drinking and generally chilaxing, I still missed my ‘local haunt’.

During the different seasons I get some great views and see some interesting wildlife. I have also managed to get some good images, some of which I will post.


Today’s observations were:-

I was pleased to see that the dozens of Pyramidal Orchids haven’t yet gone over.

I still haven’t found any sign of the Bee Orchids. (Any advice welcome)

I picked up a Slow Worm, which poo’d on me, charming!

The trail was dry and it was warm and sunny.


I will write again if I see anything of interest. Paul

Lucky Dip

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
Grub Screws

Lucky Dip

 This is what happens when you try to help!

Thought I would tidy up production a bit after a hectic day and moved the trolley loaded with grub screws  just a fraction to sweep the floor.  Big mistake, it fell over and they spilled out of their neat little compartments onto the floor in a big heap.  When I started managing production in January I didn’t know one end of a grub screw from the other.  Well, I certainly do now and I will be sorting them back into their little compartments from now until Christmas!  Sue. 

Signscape Special Offers

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

We now have a special offers page on our website, which we will keep updated as often as possible. Contact the guys and girls in the sales office for availability.

Ring Finial Small hollow for 76mm dia post

Anti-slip paint on floor

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Saw room with anti-slip paint 

Just finished repainting our saw room with anti-slip paint, been a bit smelly for a few days, but hopefully will avoid the hazard of slipping for the guys on the saw. New extractors to be fitted shortly.  Sun glasses will have to be compulsory to work in room!!

Sue has now got the enviable task of putting everything back and making it easier to work in the area. We have put the saw as far away from the powder coating area as possible, to eliminate any cross-contamination.

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