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Just Rewards

Monday, July 20th, 2009


So there I was, in the office, baking hot day and only 5 minutes to go before lunch. And as you may know from my previous blog, lunch is not just a time to stuff my face with scrummy sandwiches, but my chance to stretch my legs on Dolbury hill.

Anyway, I made the rookie mistake of answering the phone just as I was about to leave. After a 25 minute conversation with the customer, I started on the quote I had just promised he could have back within the hour, curses!

Fifty five minutes later my duty was done and the quote was hurtling across cyberspace to my expectant customer.


Right, time to get some fresh air. (And look forward to a very short afternoon)


As I walked up the track, my reward for this tireless dedication to my job ran across the path in front of me. The little fella in the picture is a juvenile Field Mouse and if I hadn’t been delayed by the urgent quote I would never have got this great shot.


So there you go, when things don’t go quite as you expected, just look forward to the good things that will happen as a result!

Security Column Plates

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Security Column PlateSecurity Column PlateSecurity Column Plate

A little while ago we launched our Column Plates, but recently we had a request for a security system – but that was also easily interchangeable. Colin and the production team have come up with a really neat solution – that is easy to fit for the installation team, but most importantly easy to change a graphic.

The current solution was for an A5 unit, but we are now working on a solution for A4 – watch this space…. For more information please contact our sales office.

Two Shades of Green

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Firstly, the ‘sickly shade’ – I’m just recovering from a viral sickness which has been a real ‘pig’ to get rid of; I’ve done my bit for medical research though, having contributed a donation for analysis and possible inclusion in the next generation of Flu vaccines!

Solar Powered Noticeboard

EcoVision - Solar Powered Noticeboard


 Second shade of Green has a more ‘natural’ feel about it. My eldest son, George, an ‘A level’ student at Gordano School, North Somerset came home after lectures yesterday and said EcoVision  - that’s one of yours isn’t it?

With some surprise (never knowing what teenagers take in), I replied, “Yes, how…why what etc!!” It transpires that the School are having a ‘ZERO Power Day’ on July 17th & their Head of Faculty for ‘Design & Technology’, Mr Paul Wilson, had incorporated our innovative product within his lecture about alternative power solutions etc and had a slide showing one of our models!

I went onto our website – is it one of these – “No” said George – “it was a close up shot , unless cropped” – quickly moving to our ‘Flickr Image Gallery’, he pointed out this one as the most likely, to which I commented – “ this has been modified already – the movement sensor is really small now & is within the unit!” – “That’s good” he said!!!!

 It is pleasing to learn that our expertise in product design incorporating environmental issues is being discussed with the future ‘Earthkeepers’ of our Country!



So thank you, Mr Wilson – you know where to turn for further information!


FingerPost with post bracket

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
 Chevron ended Fingerpost FingerPost Arm


  The above two pictures show the stages of completing this fingerpost, which is a 1200mm wide x 450mm high chevron arm, fitted with our Post Bracket, which in turn gets clamped to a post using TamTorques. This is about as big as these go, without putting undue strain on the supporting post (which may have to be re-inforced in windy/coastal locations)

The panel and bracket were powder coated black and then applied double-sided reflective graphics.

Below picture shows a close up of the post bracket.

Close up of post bracket

Close up of post bracket

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