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Signscape Open Days 15th & 16th September

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Dear All,

 Just to let you know we are holding a couple of Open Days on 15th & 16th September when everyone is more than welcome. We will be showcasing our Solar Powered range, together with the rest of the Signscape range, but using it in different ways.


In addition to Signscape, Boldscan, Tekcel, Groundplug and Sign Link magazine will be joining us, so there will be plenty to see for everyone. Come and meet the staff that you talk to on the phone and see our manufacturing facililty, including our updated Powder Coat plant.


If you can make it, let me know; there will be refreshments during both days, so I’d better ask Sue to get baking!

FingerPost Ring Finials

Taking a Dim View of Solar Energy

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Take a look at this article if you get five minutes. I’m apalled at actions of others to discourage alternative energy solutions to carbon based fuels:

We have been working for over 2 years now on developing our Solar Powered Noticeboards and Post & Panel and are really pleased with the results, the feedback and the jobs we have undertaken. I hope for our future’s sake that the UK takes a more responsible attitude towards alternative energy supplies.

We are having a couple of Open Days in September (as many of you already know) on 15th & 16th September, when we will be showcasing some of the solar powered solutions, we will also have an industry expert on hand for any questions.

Grub Screws

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Sue's sorted grub screws Do you remember a few weeks ago when Sue knocked over all the grub screws – well just before she went on holiday she had managed to sort them all out again! Being quite proud of her achievement and wanting to show me, she called me downstairs to show me – only to nearly knock it all over again! Fortunately she didn’t, much to the amusement of everyone elso on the shopfloor.


Talking of the shopfloor, we are continuing our improvements on a weekly basis. We have just had a Health & Safety check as well, which highlighted some further improvements we could make. We are using the quieter months to get all the improvements carried out, before the beginning of September, when traditionally we see the start of a busier time up to Christmas.

Action Men

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Paul in mid air Colin learning the basics

I couldn’t resist putting these piccies up of Paul and Colin taken at the beach last week. When they are not working on anything to do with signs, they like nothing more than hitting the beach. Now Jeremy has moved over from Windsurfing to Kiting and Sue is having a go as well, I feel I’m letting the side down a bit, by just mountain biking, rowing etc.

Solar Power Noticeboard for Weston super Mare

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

EcoVision in WSM

 Jeremy installed this last week, whilst I was on holiday, it was pouring down with rain whilst he was doing it with Tom, but apparently they were carrying out the work very happily! We’re really pleased that North Somerset Council has asked us to do this and shows their commitment to a greener environment.

Due to its location it would have been extremely costly to run power to the proposed site, but the sign illuminated the very same night – despite the overcast drizzly weather.


My holiday was the “rele – run” seeing all the relatives all over the country, from London, Cambridge and Doncaster – came back to work though full of cold – not swine flu I hasten to add.


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