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Solar Powered Signs for Children

Friday, February 12th, 2010
Hamish @ Yatton Infant school

Solar Powered signs for children

This is me teaching Year 2 pupils @ Yatton Infant School. My daughter goes there and my wife was talking to one of the teachers, who asked if we could come in and talk about solar power as the children were learning about the planet and the harm fossil fuels were doing.

It was a great experience – very different from teaching teenagers. My daughter had helped me make a battery from an old shoe box, with a little 6V battery and light. The children rubbed their hands and put them into the “molecules” to light the bulb – all very excited when it lit up.

One of the children asked why don’t we use solar more?, especially if it saves the planet from being dug up! How incisive children can be..

Signscape Lesson

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Signscape leads the way for Zero Power

Staff and students at Gordano School recently joined together in a united gesture to see if they could cope without the use of electricity for one day. Their Zero Power Day was structured around using as little electricity as possible, other than that which they generated themselves. The aims of the day were to highlight the impact that modern technologies have on the day to day running of a modern school and to see how much energy and money they could save by being more thoughtful about the power they use.

Various guests from local businesses and industry were invited in to demonstrate how their approaches and products were helping to create a more sustainable environment. Hamish Paterson and Jeremy Reeves were asked by the head of Design and Technology at Gordano if they would spend the day there, demonstrating how their Ecovision system of illuminated signs works. Hamish and Jeremy explained to students from Yr8 right up to A level how the PV cells generate the power for the signs and how the Infra Red detectors provide a more automated approach. Students learnt how the electricity is stored and then released only when it is needed.

The visit provided an interesting, alternative approach for students who got to see how what they study in the classroom is used in a real commercial context. Plans are being developed for another similar exercise in 2010 when Gordano hope to strengthen the links they have made with Signscape and other local companies.

Paul Wison

This was an article written by Paul Wilson of Gordano College (North Somerset) after Jeremy and I spent a day with students looking at alternative energy supplies. We had a great day – with some great ideas and questions coming from the students.

Made in Bristol

Monday, February 23rd, 2009
Autocad Design

Autocad Design

Cutting Steel

Cutting Steel

    One area of our sign supplies business we are very proud of is the fact that we make 95% of our work in house.  We can assist in the design of a project, or recommend an easier way something can be made – so it will be more simple to install for the fitters.  All of our sign systems, whilst modular, can often be tailor made to meet your designs.


If you would like to visit our factory and showroom, please contact us and you will be more than welcome. Alternatively if you have an enquiry for one of your customers and we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales office.

Countrywide Training

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Countrywide Team This good looking bunch of guys all came from all parts of the UK for a training day at Signscape. We all had a great time – and apart from all the banter, we did manage to look at all the products and see how Countrywide Signs could use them in their day to day work. Tyler ate all the food – not leaving Hamish any (just joking Tyler) and Ersoy asked all the good questions. I think all the Signscape staff enjoyed the day just as much as Countrywide – who have over 50 franchises, all offering installation services throughout the UK.

There was plenty of good feedback and we are in discussion with a couple of companies who want to come along  to our training day early in the New Year – so if you want to come along just let us know.

Signscape Literature

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Signscape Literature When we recently had our open day, we used the opportunity to update some of the literature. We have now sent a load out to people, but if you haven’t received any yet please let Mike know and we’ll get some out to you straight away. We’re still adding pdf’s on all the products to the website – I think Sue is upto her armpits in drawings! and promises me they’ll all be finished by Christmas…

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