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New season, new ideas for Post & Panel

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
Post & Panel - Monopost

Post & Panel with one leg

I love this single legged Post & Panel – it just looks so fresh!

It’s great to be creative with our systems, it’s something I get a tremendous buzz out of – coming up with different ways to get your customers message across.  If you have a set of wayfinding to do for a college, hospital, industrial park or retail let us see if we can help you.

We make the metalwork, paint it to any colour you wish and you make the sign look awesome with fantastic graphics :)

Base reduced

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Sing Making supplies Product profile: BaseDetail of Base 


Someone said to me this morning that we should change our name from Signscape to “the secret sign company” – aaaaggghh! Well we are trying to improve our profile and keeping everyone informed. The difficulty I guess is that there are so many options or ways in which to inform.

We have been adding articles in the blog reasonably regularly. Anyway thanks for your comments Martin – but you can always subscribe to the Blog to keep you updated. The website will be having further work on it in the near future, but the sales office will always be able to help (Sue, Paul, Colin, Mike and me!)

This picture shows our Base unit (the start of my conversation this morning) available in a variety of widths upto 1000mm, off the shelf pretty much and looks great for indoor applications where you have to support a panel. We’ll put some more photos on our flickr gallery, but a price list is available, (we have improved our prices on this) together with a pdf technical data sheet. There will be more on the website shortly about all the KD products we offer….

Infocurve Lite debut video

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Sign making supplies profile: Infocurve Lite

YouTube Preview Image This is a short clip showing our Infocurve Lite in our showroom. We had a recent request from a customer asking what it looks like – and they couldn’t wait for a sample!

The sales’ bit: We can supply in 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm extrusions, upto 6m long and it is so versatile that it can be used for free-standing, suspended, wall mounted or projecting – have a look at our flickr gallery for more ideas…

We will feature more of our products over the coming weeks.

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A Future for Fingerposts

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
fingerpost with ring finial & chevron arms

fingerpost with ring finial & chevron arms

Sign making supplies profile: Fingerposts

Did you know, that the oldest fingerpost in the Cotswolds, dates back to 1699?  Well, neither did I, but you can find out lots of interesting facts about one of the earliest items of “street furniture”, by visiting English Heritage.  English Heritage have teamed up with the Department for Transport to retain and reintroduce the fingerpost as a cherished feature of the English towns, suburbs and countryside.  Signscapes fingerpost system is capable of assuming a traditional or modern guise which can be easily blended to match the character of the local environment.  This versatile system is one of our best sellers, but we could do with updating our picture library.  Have you installed a fingerpost system that you would like featured on our website?  Please comment or send your image to:

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