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Wayfinding for business using a lectern

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Lecturn 023

Lectern for wayfinding

I was recently discussing the merits of way finding with another sign-maker. The thrust of my argument was that well positioned signs can not only enhance an area, but help generate business to cash strapped areas. This is particularly relevant in our own area of North Somerset – where huge national supermarkets have opened up, potentially cutting the life blood of from towns/villages.

The town’s business’s have struck back by putting up signs encouraging shoppers to go and use the village and local shops. I’m all for supporting our local shops, but appreciate the big supermarkets make it very easy with free parking and well laid out stores. Villages can prove difficult to park in (often with over zealous parking attendants).

My friend argued that signs should be as big as possible, with the largest text in caps filling the space – a different view point from mine. I believe that the signs can be designed to have empathy with the local surroundings/architecture/heritage and still guide either tourists or shoppers to a given destination. This makes it easy for the visitor to find what they are looking for, but also gives the Local Authorities the opportunity to guide them into other areas of local interest.

The photograph shows a lectern with a map panel and a finger-post system, both systems clearly guiding the visitor to local attractions and key points.

Price Lists updated

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Just for your information, we now have a new Post & Panel price list in addition to the Bannerfix, Noticeboards and Fingerposts. We are currently updating all of our price lists to reflect some of the material cost changes and the improvements we have made in the factory. Let us know if you need any or all of the above information and we can email or send them out to you in the post.

FingerPost with post bracket

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
 Chevron ended Fingerpost FingerPost Arm


  The above two pictures show the stages of completing this fingerpost, which is a 1200mm wide x 450mm high chevron arm, fitted with our Post Bracket, which in turn gets clamped to a post using TamTorques. This is about as big as these go, without putting undue strain on the supporting post (which may have to be re-inforced in windy/coastal locations)

The panel and bracket were powder coated black and then applied double-sided reflective graphics.

Below picture shows a close up of the post bracket.

Close up of post bracket

Close up of post bracket

A Future for Fingerposts

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
fingerpost with ring finial & chevron arms

fingerpost with ring finial & chevron arms

Sign making supplies profile: Fingerposts

Did you know, that the oldest fingerpost in the Cotswolds, dates back to 1699?  Well, neither did I, but you can find out lots of interesting facts about one of the earliest items of “street furniture”, by visiting English Heritage.  English Heritage have teamed up with the Department for Transport to retain and reintroduce the fingerpost as a cherished feature of the English towns, suburbs and countryside.  Signscapes fingerpost system is capable of assuming a traditional or modern guise which can be easily blended to match the character of the local environment.  This versatile system is one of our best sellers, but we could do with updating our picture library.  Have you installed a fingerpost system that you would like featured on our website?  Please comment or send your image to:

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