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Infocurve – “Make a statement”

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
Infocurve for Silverstone

Infocurve Powder Coated with applied graphics

I recently had a brilliant comment from a customer about our Infocurve. “This is a fantastic product for making a big statement – easy to install and great flat surfaces to apply our digital prints”.

Available in lots of different sizes and suitable for up to 4 metres out of the ground. Can also be wall-mounted, suspended and with either single sheet or multiple panels.

Ideal for wayfinding and can be powder coated in any of the BS or RAL range of colours.  Also looks great in a scheme of signs, particularly with its little brother Infocurve Lite.

Let me know if you need any advice or help on any of your wayfinding projects, alternatively you will find some inspiration on our Flickr Gallery.

More images added on Flickr

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

3-way Fingerpost


During our recent Open Days, it gave us a good excuse to take some photographs of our signs in and around the premises. We’ve updated our signs outside, by creating a “sign village” showing different types of signs, including Infocurve, Lynester Noticeboards, Post & Panel, BigBox, EcoVision Post & Panel and our Fingerposts (as above photograph).  You can see some of the others on our Flickr Gallery

We also hosted a very successful meeting for one of our customers who were able to utilise the premises for their meeting and receive product training at the same time.


If you would like to use our facilities to host a meeting, or see some of the examples of work we can manufacture and supply, please feel free to pop down.

Two Shades of Green

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Firstly, the ‘sickly shade’ – I’m just recovering from a viral sickness which has been a real ‘pig’ to get rid of; I’ve done my bit for medical research though, having contributed a donation for analysis and possible inclusion in the next generation of Flu vaccines!

Solar Powered Noticeboard

EcoVision - Solar Powered Noticeboard


 Second shade of Green has a more ‘natural’ feel about it. My eldest son, George, an ‘A level’ student at Gordano School, North Somerset came home after lectures yesterday and said EcoVision  - that’s one of yours isn’t it?

With some surprise (never knowing what teenagers take in), I replied, “Yes, how…why what etc!!” It transpires that the School are having a ‘ZERO Power Day’ on July 17th & their Head of Faculty for ‘Design & Technology’, Mr Paul Wilson, had incorporated our innovative product within his lecture about alternative power solutions etc and had a slide showing one of our models!

I went onto our website – is it one of these – “No” said George – “it was a close up shot , unless cropped” – quickly moving to our ‘Flickr Image Gallery’, he pointed out this one as the most likely, to which I commented – “ this has been modified already – the movement sensor is really small now & is within the unit!” – “That’s good” he said!!!!

 It is pleasing to learn that our expertise in product design incorporating environmental issues is being discussed with the future ‘Earthkeepers’ of our Country!



So thank you, Mr Wilson – you know where to turn for further information!


Old Sign

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Southdown, 14 Feb 2009 by t1mmyb I love this old sign for The City of Bath in Somerset. Despite its slightly forlorn looks, it still manages an air of grace. I saw this photo on one of the guys I follow on Twitter – in his Flickr gallery.


This sign is really simple and probably denotes an old boundary line to the city; I shall keep an eye out for some more old local signs…

Madrid in Winter

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Acero inoxidable  

Sue and I recently visited Sistemas in Spain, we were made really welcome. Its always great to see how customers use our products, but we were overwhelmed by the different way Rafael, Pepe and the team use the products to their best. They are very similar in their approach to many sign companies here, and really focus on good design for their customers. I’m going to put a few on the flckr site for you to peruse.

Whilst we were over there it was pretty cold – headline news that Madrid was colder than Helsinki, Sue had to wear about thirty layers to keep her warm (that was just in bed!). There is also a very different work ethic in Spain; they start work about 9.00am and work through till about 2.30 when they have lunch, which lasts for about 2+ hours, they then work to about 7 – 7.30pm. All of it done in a very relaxed and friendly manner. 

We’re now looking forward for them to come and visit us next summer – hopefully the weather will be better!

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