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Monday, January 11th, 2010

Signscape leads the way for Zero Power

Staff and students at Gordano School recently joined together in a united gesture to see if they could cope without the use of electricity for one day. Their Zero Power Day was structured around using as little electricity as possible, other than that which they generated themselves. The aims of the day were to highlight the impact that modern technologies have on the day to day running of a modern school and to see how much energy and money they could save by being more thoughtful about the power they use.

Various guests from local businesses and industry were invited in to demonstrate how their approaches and products were helping to create a more sustainable environment. Hamish Paterson and Jeremy Reeves were asked by the head of Design and Technology at Gordano if they would spend the day there, demonstrating how their Ecovision system of illuminated signs works. Hamish and Jeremy explained to students from Yr8 right up to A level how the PV cells generate the power for the signs and how the Infra Red detectors provide a more automated approach. Students learnt how the electricity is stored and then released only when it is needed.

The visit provided an interesting, alternative approach for students who got to see how what they study in the classroom is used in a real commercial context. Plans are being developed for another similar exercise in 2010 when Gordano hope to strengthen the links they have made with Signscape and other local companies.

Paul Wison

This was an article written by Paul Wilson of Gordano College (North Somerset) after Jeremy and I spent a day with students looking at alternative energy supplies. We had a great day – with some great ideas and questions coming from the students.

Christmas Cheer

Monday, December 21st, 2009

A big thank you to all our customers – it’s been a tough third trading year for us, but as they say “when the going gets tough…” We have improved all manner of areas this year for the benefit of our customers and will be working on more in the New Year, as well as some exciting new products.


Thanks for everyone’s support this year – including our suppliers.


We are closing down Christmas Eve around lunchtime and will be back on January 4th 2010.  We wish you all a great Christmas and look forward to a more prosperous 2010 -from Hamish, Sue, Jeremy and all the Signscape team.

Solar Power Noticeboard for Weston super Mare

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

EcoVision in WSM

 Jeremy installed this last week, whilst I was on holiday, it was pouring down with rain whilst he was doing it with Tom, but apparently they were carrying out the work very happily! We’re really pleased that North Somerset Council has asked us to do this and shows their commitment to a greener environment.

Due to its location it would have been extremely costly to run power to the proposed site, but the sign illuminated the very same night – despite the overcast drizzly weather.


My holiday was the “rele – run” seeing all the relatives all over the country, from London, Cambridge and Doncaster – came back to work though full of cold – not swine flu I hasten to add.


Kitesurfing Jeremy

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Kitesurfing Jeremy

Congratulations to Jeremy on officially becoming a Kitesurfer.


After having the first part of his lesson earlier this year, plus a few sessions of kite flying and ‘body dragging’, he succeeded in getting up on his board for the first time this weekend.


Now he just needs a good westerly wind (and to sell his windsurfing kit and buy some board shorts), and he’ll be jumping in no time!


Remember Kitesurfing may look like fun, but it can also be dangerous, addictive & can lead to a serious adrenalin rush.


Well done again to Jeremy


Thank You

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
EcoVision in Manufacture

EcoVisions in manufacture

 As most of you are aware Signscape  have been developing our “EcoVision” over the last 18 months – all down to you! Sometimes we are so busy, being busy we don’t have time to say “Thank you” – so a big thank you to all of our customers that have offered advice, support, encouragement and come up with some great ideas in the process.


The current units have come on a long way since then, with built in PV cells, built in PIR devices and a host of other improvements, that you have helped us develop.


In the background to this photo you can just about make out Lee and Jeremy discussing the new smaller units which are now available (654mm wide x 1043mm high), these will be on general sale in the next month.

Thanks once again!

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