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Christmas Cheer

Monday, December 21st, 2009

A big thank you to all our customers – it’s been a tough third trading year for us, but as they say “when the going gets tough…” We have improved all manner of areas this year for the benefit of our customers and will be working on more in the New Year, as well as some exciting new products.


Thanks for everyone’s support this year – including our suppliers.


We are closing down Christmas Eve around lunchtime and will be back on January 4th 2010.  We wish you all a great Christmas and look forward to a more prosperous 2010 -from Hamish, Sue, Jeremy and all the Signscape team.

Grub Screws

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Sue's sorted grub screws Do you remember a few weeks ago when Sue knocked over all the grub screws – well just before she went on holiday she had managed to sort them all out again! Being quite proud of her achievement and wanting to show me, she called me downstairs to show me – only to nearly knock it all over again! Fortunately she didn’t, much to the amusement of everyone elso on the shopfloor.


Talking of the shopfloor, we are continuing our improvements on a weekly basis. We have just had a Health & Safety check as well, which highlighted some further improvements we could make. We are using the quieter months to get all the improvements carried out, before the beginning of September, when traditionally we see the start of a busier time up to Christmas.

Product – Post Bracket

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Signscape post brackets are designed to be attached to standard 60, 76 and 89mm diameter posts, to create a functional, modular  directory stack, at relatively low cost.

The brackets have a 20mm gap to accomodate our double sided miniplank or any other substrate of a similar thickness.  The brackets may be positioned at any angle on the post and more than one bracket may be used to create V-shaped sign structures.

If you would like assembly instructions for this versatile bracket that can be ordered in bar length or as a fully assembled sign system, please request a copy to

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, we had some great weather here in North Somerset.  Sue


A Healthy bunch

Thursday, March 5th, 2009
Paul pulling a Backloop Kiteloop

Paul, currently in Egypt, Kite surfing!

 Since Christmas, nearly all the Signscape team have kept to their New Years Resolution by staying to stay fit and healthy.

Sue is running on a regular basis and is now a black belt in Pilates….

Jeremy has joined a gym and is doing spinning classes…

Hamish has started road riding and converted his garage into a bit of a gym…

Ann is on a diet, Paul is busy kite surfing, Colin is running round after his kids and Mike is helping with his kids football, Donna is running up and down the stairs to Production.


Jeremy, Paul and Hamish plan on cycling across Dorset at end of May – a 102 mile ride, we’ve all just started training and will keep you posted.

A Future for Fingerposts

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
fingerpost with ring finial & chevron arms

fingerpost with ring finial & chevron arms

Sign making supplies profile: Fingerposts

Did you know, that the oldest fingerpost in the Cotswolds, dates back to 1699?  Well, neither did I, but you can find out lots of interesting facts about one of the earliest items of “street furniture”, by visiting English Heritage.  English Heritage have teamed up with the Department for Transport to retain and reintroduce the fingerpost as a cherished feature of the English towns, suburbs and countryside.  Signscapes fingerpost system is capable of assuming a traditional or modern guise which can be easily blended to match the character of the local environment.  This versatile system is one of our best sellers, but we could do with updating our picture library.  Have you installed a fingerpost system that you would like featured on our website?  Please comment or send your image to:

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